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You can search for any lesson using the search bar in your dashboard. You can search for it by name, tutor, or any keyword within the topic. You can also find lessons when you navigate through subjects, chapter, and sub chapters. You will find many lessons covering the same topic created by different tutors; check the lesson summary, lesson topics, and the intro video before enrolling into the lesson. If you are interested to view the lesson you can select “Enroll Now” and you can start viewing the lesson content.

Course is a complete set of lessons that covers the whole learning objectives of a subject.

Simply, post it on the social network, tag the relevant subject, tag followers, and you should receive comment on your post. The top international Teachers AI mentor tool will see your post and will tag automatically the top students and tutors to contribute to your inquiry.

Register to top international teachers platform as a Teacher, our local partner will be in touch with you to complete the screening process before you start creating lessons and providing tutoring services.

For lesson views, private tutoring session, and live sessions, Top international Teacher will pay your charges directly to your wallet once the service is provided. For more details, please contact us at info@topinternationalteachers.com